The next step

I have worked from the live nude periodically since the early 1970's. This blog started August 9th, 2012 in my second year of working almost exclusively from the figure.

In the fall of 2015 I reintroduced still lifes and an occasional cityscape into my painting repertoire. Rather than abandon this figure blog or start a new one I decided to add them to the conservation.

All drawings and paintings posted on this blog were done entirely from live models or on location.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Wasted Time

I made three separate starts at this figure study. The first failed attempt involved poor paper selection. The second try had page placement issues and fell to the eraser. It would be easy to call forty minutes of false starts wasted time. But any drawing or painting is ultimately the sum of the entire process that led to its creation. This drawing would not exist without the early miscues.

Standing Male Nude, oil pastel, 14" X 9", 2017

Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Like almost everyone I started drawing as a young child. By second grade I was aware of an ability and have been at it ever since (see December 10th, 2013 post). Too many artists abandon drawing as they graduate to painting or other art forms. I have found keeping a drawing regimen and even focusing exclusively on the discipline periodically to be very helpful and rewarding.

Female Nude Study, oil pastel on toned paper
10 1/2"  X 7 1/2", 2017

Saturday, June 3, 2017


In order to produce solid figurative drawings it is important to work with confidence. Timid hesitant lines don't play well. Problems can arise when a confident working method leads to arrogance regarding ones broader artistic abilities. At various times in my life I have entertained the idea that I'm pretty good at this art thing. Drawing from the live figure has always let me know that there is ample room for improvement.

Female Nude, oil pastel, 9" X 5", 2014