The next step

I have worked from the live nude periodically since the early 1970's. This blog started August 9th, 2012 in my second year of working almost exclusively from the figure.

In the fall of 2015 I reintroduced still lifes and an occasional cityscape into my painting repertoire. Rather than abandon this figure blog or start a new one I decided to add them to the conservation.

All drawings and paintings posted on this blog were done entirely from live models or on location.

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Mixing It Up

I have frequently talked about how valuable drawing is to ones development as an artist. Deep into some figure painting projects I somehow lost track that months had passed since I last picked up a pencil. The act of drawing utilizes a different, more primitive, part of the brain. One shouldn't go too long without exercising it.

Chris, oil pastel on toned paper, 11" X 8 1/2", 2018

Saturday, June 16, 2018

When Opportunity Knocks

Occasionally, on their way to somewhere else, models offer to drop in for a figure session. These encounters are often last minute and don't allow for anything too ambitious. As practice opportunities, however, I find them difficult to pass up.

Seated Nude Study, oil on canvas, 10 1/2" X 8 1/2", 2018

Thursday, June 7, 2018


Where my figurative painting is concerned too many false positives over the years have conditioned me to remain skeptical even in the face of apparent progress. To proclaim even a small victory in a public forum would be unimaginable. So let's keep this on the QT - I think I nailed this oil study.

Shoshanna, oil on canvas, 12" X 10", 2018