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I have worked from the live nude periodically since the early 1970's. This blog started August 9th, 2012 in my second year of working almost exclusively from the figure.

In the fall of 2015 I reintroduced still lifes and an occasional cityscape into my painting repertoire. Rather than abandon this figure blog or start a new one I decided to add them to the conservation.

All drawings and paintings posted on this blog were done entirely from live models or on location.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

High Tech/No Tech

I took the Amtrak train home after a recent Art League figure session. Walking down the isle of my car I was struck by the number of people using some sort of high tech device. Well over half of the passengers, both children and adults, were off in some technology enabled world. Most were just passing time on a long train ride but I think too much of our modern lives are removed from real life. I spent the time looking out the window and working on a crossword.

Seated Nude, oil pastel, 9" X 11", 2014

I got to talking with the model in the above drawing during a break. In addition to figure modeling she is an actress and was rehearsing for two plays as part of a local theater company. What a wonderful reality based life she has. I have had the good fortune of attending several plays in recent months. At live theater there is a direct bond between actors and audience. Same goes for figure drawing. It is gratifying that both these disciplines are surviving in the midst of our increasingly technological age.

I am convinced that "real life" experiences are becoming more important not less as technology advances. Film didn't kill live theater. Photography didn't kill drawing or painting. They survive as necessary reminders of what it means to be human.

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